A 1/6th plate ruby ambrotype of an early war or militia colonel. The image is bright and has sharp clarity.
The image has cracks that can be seen in the scan. They are both stable and tight. The colonel has the rank
insignia of eagles on his collar. There are shoulder epaulettes as well and on one side a glided star can be seen.
The jacket is gray and has nine large two piece buttons that have all been gilded suggesting that he may be an
early war Confederate officer. He is wearing a darker chasseur style kepi with leather bill that has sharp clarity
so that the stitching can easily been seen. There appears to be an ID in the case but it is faded badly and most cannot
be read. Only one word "Colonel" can be discerned. I've tried reversing the image and some additional letters in the
name can be seen but I have not figured out the ID. The image comes in a full gutta case. #CA1046=$550.00