A 1/4 plate ambrotype of a cavalry Lieutenant or Captain that was purchased out of a moving sale in
Pell City, Alabama. Two bars on his collar are visible on both sides, but his beard may be hiding a
third bar. The officer is holding a cavalry saber in one hand and the scabbard in the other. The officer
is wearing a nine button frock coat with a rectangular buckle that has been gilded as have the buttons.
There is also a gilded chain leading from his second button to a watch that looks to be tucked underneath
his belt. The wall of the photography studio is obvious on the one side. The photographer has tinted the
carpet with green and red and the bottom of the stand used to steady the head of the subject can be seen
behind his feet. The image comes in a half leatherette case. The image has the crack but the size of the
image and the full standing view of a Confederate officer is not common. #CA1044=$900.00