The image is a 1/6 plate tintype of a Union Cavalryman that is bright and well focused. The cavalryman
has his leg crossed which allows us to see his leather cavalry boots. He is wearing a modified Union shell
jacket where pockets lined with blue tape have been added and light colored pants with a wide dark stripe.
He is wearing a Union NCO buckle that has been nicely gilted to show the detail and not just covered over
like most. He is wearing a western style hat again with nice gilt to clearly show the crossed swords of
the cavalry. He has on a big cravat and is holding a kerchief in his hand that has been tinted red. The
image is not ID'd but comes with mat and cover glass in a full leatherette case that has been repaired at
the spine. A very nice bright, focused, well tinted and gilted Union cavalryman image. CA1031=$325.00