Particularly rare for multiple reasons, the 1/8 plate tintype is of a Trooper wearing a 4 button sack coat, non regulation hat and tinted
blue trousers with a reinforced inner thigh (issued to cavalry troopers to wear better in the saddle). This trooper holds what appears to be
a Sharps Carbine, an 1860 Colt Revolver and an 1840 Saber. Note that he has two belts and belt plates. I think it is possible that one of
the two is a studio prop. That makes a total of 4 weapons (one in the holster) in this fantastic image. Now for the case, this is Berg's
3-52 manufactured by Scoville. Berg states that it is considered scarce. The case has two problems. 1) the bottom hinge needs a pin and 2)
a major chip out of the lower left corner of the pillow side. Other than that, the hinge are intact and the clasp is as well. The image
fits in the case very tightly. It took a bit of work to get it in & out for scanning. There is no I.D. in the case. The tintype has a
scratch across the collar bones as can be seen in the scan and an ever so light bend in roughly the same area. It also suffers from some
emulsion spotting as also can be seen. JS1005=$1900.00