Everything you want in an image; the 3 C's. Content, Case and Clarity. This 1/9 plate tintype has it all. Starting with content, this seated
cavalry trooper is armed with his unsheathed cavalry saber. He has the scabbard tucked under his right arm. Stuffed under his NCO belt plate is a
Remington Revolver. Note that he has an empty holster on his hip. His pants have been tinted blue and his cheeks have been rouged. The buttons
and piping have been nicely gilded. The case is a Cap, Shield and Flag case in as perfect condition as they come. The clap is intact and the
hinges are tight. I can't even find any flea bites around the margins. The image is bright and crisp. There are some emulsion losses where the
image meets the patriotic mat. This would make a GREAT addition to anyone's collection. The third scan is simply to give you an idea of the case
condition and pillow; it's not a good scan, but it was the best I could do with my camera phone. #9133=$510.00