1/4 Plate tintype of a seated soldier wearing corporal chevrons on his shell jacket New York style shell jacket. The should tabs and the breast pocket
imply this comes from New York. I can't make out the buttons as the gilding is too think. The kepi on the table has a E on the crown. No I.D. for the
soldier or his regiment. The focus is fantastic. My scan accentuates the crazing on the image, but it is stable and not as noticeable as in the scan.
The case is a thermoplastic case, Berg's #3-41. The hinges are intact, but the top hinge has separated from the pillow side of the case. Also, it appears
that the border in the image side has been replaced. This image makes an excellent display piece considering the focus, tinting, size and pose of the soldier. #5038=$325.00