1/4 Plate Tintype of a soldier standing at attention in front an American Flag. You don't often see this much of the flag displayed. The
flag has been tinted as have the cheeks and the belt and breast plate on the soldier. He wears a 9 button frock coat and what appears to be
a forage cap. He has a cross belt and plate and a waist belt and plate with a cap box attached. He holds a rifle and has his bayonet in his belt.
The tin is trimmed just slightly more narrow than the 1/4 plate size and has a couple of ripples running horizontally through the image. There
is an I.D. on the back that appears to read "Mrs Andrew Stolzer, Washington, Kansas". I could only find one Stolzer in the Army and that was
Stephen Stolzer from Oskaloosa, IA. Stephen mustered into the 33rd IA and died of disease at Helena, AR. If this is the same 19 year old soldier
(and he appears to be young), he would have fought at Yazoo Pass, MS and Helena, AR. Geographically, his residence in Oskaloosa, IA is not
that far from Washington, KS. Certainly worth more research. The case is in nearly perfect condition with strong and intact hinges and clasps.
It is Berg's #1-38 Rodger de Covenly & the Gypsies. This image with the case makes an excellent display and worth the research. #4897=$795.00