This 1/6 Plate Ambro has about everything you'd want except perfect emulsion. This Confederate Soldier is I.D.'d as Hovier Artus in the back of the case.
The image has emulsion problems as you can see in the scans & as often happens with Southern ambrotypes. Artus has what appears to be a side knife tucked
into his belt on the same side as he holds his musket. His blouse is a home spun style jersey with a large breast pocket. He has a haversack over his
shoulder and take a look at what is planted beside his hat. It appears to be a Confederate parade flag. this image come is a VERY nice mother of pearl case
and also comes with a tintype of the same soldier (younger image) in civilian garb. the image has very good focus, clarity and lightness. #1679=$2,450.00