If only this 1/4 plate tintype were a little more crisp and clear it would be a super high dollar image. This infantry
private stands in his camp for the photographer. You can see a tent in the background and on the right hand side of the
image a building which offers a shadow for the photo. Note the shadow behind the soldier in the grass cast by the building.
The soldier wears a 9 button frock coat and a non-regulation hat. He holds his musket with bayonet attached, a cap box and his
crossbelt and eagle plate along with his US belt plate. Note the empty bayonet scabbard on his waist plate. There is a
cancelled 5 cent revenue stamp on the reverse dating this to late war. This image comes with no I.D., but was purchased from a
Vincennes, IN estate. The image comes with mat, glass and preserver, but no case. #9864=$265.00