The emulsion on this 1/6 plate tintype was not applied the best by the photographer as can be seen in
the scans. That said, the clarity and focus on this Cavalry Trooper is very good. This is a very early
war soldier wearing his shell jacket with trim running down the button area and wearing the early war
brass shoulder scales. He holds his unsheathed 1860 light cavalry saber in one hand and steadies the
scabbard, that is on a sling, in his other hand. Tucked into his belt is a Colt Model 1851 Percussion
Navy Revolver. Based upon the shape of the trigger guard, this is either a 3rd or 4th model belt pistol.
His NCO belt plate can be clearly seen, although it is gilded. This image comes housed in thermoplastic
case (Berg's 1-93) "Child in Tree, Farm Scene" that is as mint as I've seen. This would be a higher dollar
image if the stippling and uneven emulsion were not present. #9780=$565.00