This 1/9 plate ruby ambrotype comes in a full case that has been repaired at the spine. My scan does not do this justice. This ambrotype has been resealed a LONG
time ago. Because of this, I had to scan the image with the cover glass on it and it didn't allow me to get the details. The ambro is cracked laterally, but it is
hard to see where the crack is unless you're looking for it. Also, the cover glass is cracked in the lower left hand corner. In actuality, the image is clear, crisp
and bright. The I.D. on the cover of the case is "Solon Morrill over 9 months in Civil W died one year from entry". Morrill was 18 years old and from Springfield, NH
when he enlisted on 9/18/1862 as a private. He served in the 15th NH Infantry, Company F. He was mustered out on 8/13/1863 at Concord, NH. During this time his unit
saw action almost exclusively at Port Hudson, LA. The 15th was a 9 month unit. N H V and F with a hunting horn and the numbers 15 are VERY clear on the
crown of his kepi. #9703=$250.00