Perfectly focused, bright and clear 1/6 plate tintype of a Cavalry Trooper with a cav saber at his side.
There is an area where the emulsion has bubble on the troopers chest and over to an area on top of the fort.
The bubbling can only be seen when the image is held at an angle to the light. He wears a shell jacket and cavalry
trousers with a reinforced inseam. The backdrop is the famous Benton's Barrack backdrop out of St. Louis. The
trooper stands at attention wearing a kepi with a company "I" on the face. There is an I.D. that was in the case
identifying him as Keyes Child, brother of Anna Maria Child and Helen Child. Brief research proved fruitless.
Further research may be successful. The I.D. is on a piece of paper from Wayne, MI. The image comes in a full
leatherette case that is in superb condition and still has its original binding. #9134=$650.00