here is a lot to consider in this 1/4 plate tintype. Whether they're brothers or not, who can say. The
soldier standing wears a kepi, military vest and a frock coat with what appears to be 1st Corporal chevrons.
I believe I can see the edge of a diamond above the two stripes. Of the soldiers seated, the one on the right
wears military vest, kepi and a 4 button coat with a breast pocket. He also has fancy pants with a pattern in
the cloth. The soldier on the left wears a military vest, kepi and similar 4 button jacket with a breast pocket.
His trousers appear to be cavalry trousers with the reinforced inseam. The image comes in a full, book like case
with a push button release. The case has separated at the binding and could be easily repaired. The case, otherwise, is
in beautiful condition. #9131=$325.00