This is a fantastic 1/9 plate ruby ambro that simply doesn't scan well. The cover glass is stuck to the ambrotype and I'm not confident enough to pry them
apart. That is largely the reason that this image does not scan well. In person, it is perfectly focused. The child wears a tongue and wreath belt plate.
Unfortunately, I can't make out the device on the belt buckle. He also wears a kepi with white piping. His shirt is elaborately woven and patterned. His
cheeks are well tinted. No I.D. To add to this image is a fantastic Peek-a-Boo case. The case is in fantastic condition with the exception of that pesky
chip at the clasp. The combo of the case and the image make this a fantastic addition to any collection. I just wish the scan did the image justice. #7217=$435.00