This perfectly focused 1/6 plate ruby ambrotype features a private wearing a shell jacket with shoulder tabs
and a breast pocket most often attributed to New York units, but also attributable to Confederate soldiers.
Widening the mystery is that this soldier wears an 8 button shell jacket. The jacket is missing a button. The
remaining buttons appear to be two piece buttons, but are gilded so that you can no make out any pattern on them.
Under the jacket you can see the edge of a belt or belt buckle that is definitely not a brass oval buckle. It looks
like it could be the edge of a tongue in wreath buckle, but there is no way to be sure. Finally, the jacket does not
have piping on the cuffs that would be typical of a Union issued jacket, but it does have piping on the shoulder tabs
and collar. Our soldier holds his rifle with bayonet and wears a kepi with a company letter "C" on the front. The
image comes in a 1/2 case with the I.D. of "Probably F. J. Townsend B. Oct 6, 1850". I have to question the I.D. as
this would make the soldier 15 years old at the end of the war and this soldier appears to be older than
that with his whiskers. #7038=$580.00