Two cavalry soldiers that must be brothers. The trooper on the left wears an 11 button shell jacket with yellow (cavalry) trim. The
trooper on the right wears a 4 button sack coat with a leather belt and a crystal clear US belt plate. I believe that the trooper on the
right is also cavalry as the trousers he wears appear to have the reinforced inner thigh to wear better in the saddle. The trooper on the
left has moved his head a bit and his eyes are 1/2 closed. His brother on the right, however, has blue eyes although they may be a
little crossed. The buttons are gilded so we can't have any idea where these Yankees might be from. No identification unfortunately. The
case on the 1/4 plate tintype is in good condition and has been nicely repaired at the spine. The image is very clear and bright. #5821=$245.00