Take a close look at the uniform on this soldier. It is not a typical Union uniform for the following reasons: a) The collar is upturned and has no
piping, b) there is no piping on the cuffs, c) the buttons are larger than a typical eagle or Union state button d) the uniform is very dark (almost black)
and e) there is no way 9 buttons would fit on this frock coat. I believe this to be a confederate soldier No way to prove it but the uniform strongly suggests
this. The image surface has some crazing that the scan seems to accentuate; it's simply not that bad. Regardless, the surface is stable. the focus of this image
is great and the clarity is very good. The image comes in a full case that is repaired at the spine. This soldier even has two rings on the same hand (pinky & ring
finger). There is no I.D. with this soldier, but this type of uniform says Tennessee to me. A chance to own a nice 6th plate tintype of a Confederate at
a very reasonable price. #5734 = $185.00