William Liming enlisted as a Private in company G. on 10/15/1861 at Lawrenceburg, IN going to the mouth of the Salt River, KY in route to Nashville, TN. In the winter of
1862/63 the unit was heavily engaged at Stones River, TN suffering 25 Killed and 106 wounded. The 37th remained at Murfreesboro until the campaign of Chattanooga. It was
engaged at Dug Gap and at Chickamauga and remained there until the Spring of 1864 when this image was taken. The regiment was in the Atlanta campaign, being engaged at
Resaca, Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain and Peach Tree Creek where its loss was heavy. It was also in the siege of Atlanta and after the occupation of that city the non-veterans were
ordered to Indiana, where they were mustered out on Oct. 27, 1864. Along with his fellow veterans, Liming reenlisted and was consolidated into two maximum companies, known as A
and B detachment of the 37th regiment, and accompanied Sherman's army through the Savannah and Carolina campaigns, being engaged in a number of skirmishes. After Johnston's surrender
the detachment moved to Washington, and from there was transferred to Louisville, where it was mustered out July 25, 1865. The original strength of the regiment was 990. Gain by
recruits, 117; reenlistments, 193; total, 1,300. Loss by death, 208; desertion, 18; unaccounted for, 2. This 1/6 plate tintype has the following I.D. inside of the
case: "William Liming Co G, 37 Ind VC this 15th day of march 1864". #5108=$495.00