This beautifully tinted couple are featured in this 1/6 plate tintype. There is an identification in the back of the case
that is tough to read, but it appears to be M.A. Durning. Research shows two soldiers, one from the 1st New Jersey Cavalry and
the other from the 63rd New York Infantry. The soldier wears, what appears to be a 4 button sack coat under his 10 button great coat.
The great coat is tinted light blue. He wears a kepi that has a leather band across the front that is so well focused you can see the
outline of the camera in the reflection. There is some unit designation on the top of his kepi, but it is impossible to identify, but looks
like it is at least two characters. His wife wears a zouave inspired jacket with numerous small brass buttons. The jacket and her pink bow tie
are also well tinted. The image comes in a full case. #5102=$285.00