This seated soldier wears a pistol holster on a belt that features an NCO belt plate. This 1/6 plate tintype is crystal clear and has great contrast. I can't tell what
the pistol in the holster is and I'm guessing an expert would have a tough time too. There is simply not enough of the pistol showing. The trooper wears a shell jacket and
has pants that are tinted. He rests his arm on a table and has something underneith his arm that could easily be his kepi. His cheeks are very slightly tinted as well. The
case is Berg 2-54 known as "Wildflowers". The case has a couple of chips on the corners. This image came in this same case when I got it in 2003. At that time there was no
pillow in the case. I added the pillow from another case that was broken and worthless. The hinges and clasp are tight and in perfect shape. #3450=$385.00