These two soldiers each wear an interesting jersey that is pleated and has a dark scalloped collar with white trim. The soldier on the left also has striped pants.
The bow ties set off this interesting ensemble. Note that the soldier on the left has brilliant blue eyes and a pin of some sort on his chest. I wonder if that is a
masonic pin. There is emulsion damage in the center of this 1/6 plate melanotype as can be seen in the scans. The tin is stamped at the top center that it is a
Neff's Melanotype. The case is a Constitution and the Laws thermoplastic case. It is in excellent shape except for a small chip at the clasp. The hinges are
tight and the corners are clean and crisp. There is one small nick on a lower edge. Also of note, the cover glass (removed in the scans) has a slight blue tint to it. #3426=$675.00