A very nice horizontal 1/6 plate ambrotype with the original tape seals. The tape is 150 years old and binds the cover glass to the ambrotype. T
he tape is deteriorated in a few places, but does not show from beneath the oval mat. I'm afraid to pull the two glass plates apart. As a result,
the mat sits on top of the cover glass which sits on top of the ruby ambro plate. Typically, I like to have the mat in between the cover glass and the
image glass as an air seal. That said, there is some minor crazing toward the bottom left of the image as shown in the scan. The two soldiers wear 4
button sack coats and have roughed cheeks. The image comes in a full case that is in very nice condition with it's original binding. The image is crisp
and clear in detail. There is no identification associated with these two Civil War Privates. #2085=$255.00