Crystal clear and perfectly focused outdoor image of a family where the boy is wearing a snake belt buckle. There is
probably a great story around this image, but I simply don't know what it is. There is a ton to see here. The father is
posed stately with his wife at his side. The two girls wear the exact same dresses which leads me to suspect that they might
be twins. Their younger brother wears a 4 button jacket with wooden buttons and a snake belt buckle. The background shows
a country store with a man photobombing from one of the doorways. To the man's left is what I think is a woman in a long white
dress who has moved and is, therefore, out of focus. This 1/6 plate tintype comes in a full wood and paper case that still
retains its original binding. There is no identification with this image. Is this immediate post war South? #2061=$410.00