1/9 Tintype of an I.D.'d drummer boy. The paper folded up in the interior of the case reads: "This is a picture of
Osmer Ro__ as he was one of the drummer boys that played the drums for the Civil War men learned to march be____ the
war at DeC_____ Wisconsin". Initially, I thought this read Osmer Robb and I can find no history of such a person.
There is, however, an Osmer Rose from Hazel Green, WI enlisted 8/11/1862 as a corporal with the 25th WI infantry and
served until 6/7/1865. Is it possible that this young drummer is this same man? The image shows some emulsion damage.
There is also a nice needle work piece in the back of the case from his mother. Of note in the image is the drum, of c
ourse, but also note the frayed drum sling around his neck. #1100=$550.00