The photographer of this CDV has quite a nice story. At the outbreak of the civil war, when he was fifteen, William
James Oliphant enlisted in Company G, Sixth Texas Infantry, Army of Tennessee. During the war he was shot seven or
eight times and captured twice. After returning to Austin he apparently studied photography in the studio of Stone
and Waggoner, located on the second floor above the senior Oliphant's jewelry store. He opened his own studio at that
location in 1868 but soon closed it temporarily in order to travel to Washington, D.C., to study photography in the studio
of Alexander Gardner, a major photographer of the Civil War. Oliphant reopened his photographic studio later in 1868 and ran
his studio until he changed careers in 1881. The subjects of this image are, I believe, identified as I.G. Jamison, J. P.
McClillan, J T. Stokes and C. H. Fahag. It appears that the gent on the back row left is wearing a 4 button sack coat.
This might be an interesting research project to try to identify the group. #10341=$125.00