Welcome to Soldier Collectibles
Welcome to SoldierCollectibles. This is a hobby and not a business for us. Over the last decade I've set up at civil war collectible, antique, and toy soldier shows. I always end up buying more than I sell and this website represents my efforts to improve my collections. It is our desire to offer a wide variety of collectibles in a very specific area of collecting. We hope to have very entry level pieces as well as items for the discriminating collector. As you might imagine, we're always interested in buying your collections whether they be one piece or an extensive collection. Please contact us to let us know what you have. Enjoy searching & check back often; we're continually adding items.

Toy Soldiers
Dime Stores

Manoil, Barclay, Grey Iron, Tommy Toy and American Metal manufacturers.

Last Updated: 07/03/2015

Tootsie Toys

Broad cross section of tootsietoy ships and vehicles for the collector.

Last Updated: 02/15/2014

  Image Gallery
Image Gallery
Military & Civilian

Broad cross section of image collectibles for your consideration.

Last Updated: 07/27/2015


From the McKenney & Hall Indian Tribes of North America.

Last Updated: 10/20/2009

  Books & Other
Books & Others
Books & Other Items

Collectible & reference books related to Soldier Collectibles.

Last Updated: 04/22/2013


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